Q: Does my boat need to be of show quality to attend the Rendezvous?

A: Absolutely not. All Chris Crafts, regardless of age, size, condition, or hull material are invited and are more than welcome to join us.

Q: How can I volunteer my time to help with the Rendezvous?

A: You can fill that out on your registration form or contact Mike Monda at chairman@chriscraftrendezvous.com for more information.

Q: When will the event registration form be on your website?

A: The registration form is usually posted around April.

Q: Is there a special moorage rate for the Marina at Port Orchard?

A: The Rendezvous registration fee does not include moorage. All attendees are responsible for paying the Port of Bremerton Marina at Port Orchard for their moorage and power when they arrive. You will find moorage fees to be very reasonable, and the Port always provides a nice package of information outlining local events happening during the Rendezvous.

Q: Do people register through you or directly with the Marina?

A: The Pacific NW Chris Craft Rendezvous has reserved the entire marina at Port Orchard for this event, so it is not necessary to reserve a spot there. You will need only to send in the registration form and payment to reserve a spot at the event.

Q: Are there any savings for registering early for the event?

A: We typically offer a reduced rate if you register before the deadline that is posted on the registration form. There are sometimes other incentives, so register early!

Q: Do I need to purchase Saturday night dinner tickets to attend the awards dinner?

A: You do not need to purchase dinner tickets just to attend the awards celebration (only if you want to eat there). All participants are encouraged to attend, as there is plenty of seating, and the presentations and other activities are a lot of fun.

Q: Can boats other than Chris Crafts attend the event?

A: We reserve the entire marina at Port Orchard for Chris Crafts for this event, and generally, we fill it up. We will allow other boats to be moored at the end of the north breakwater only if room is available. If you or your friends would like to attend on vessels other than Chris Crafts, please contact the Port of Bremerton and reserve moorage at their other facility across the bay (downtown Bremerton). There is a foot ferry that is a great way to get back and forth between the two facilities. http://www.kitsaptransit.org/FootFerryHome.html

Q: Are there any marine repair facilities close to the event if we have problems arriving by boat.

A: Yes, we are proud to have two highly recommended facilities with haul-out capability very close to the Port of Bremerton. Please go to our resource page to locate these facilities. There is also a diver who attends the event on Saturdays who is available for you to hire to tend to your underwater needs, from removing a wrapped up line to changing your zincs. This is at the cost of each owner. In addition, there are many auto parts stores in Port Orchard to take care of unforeseen mechanical requirements.

Q: Is this event for cruisers only or can small Chris Crafts attend?

A: While we certainly get more cruisers attending this event, any Chris Craft is welcome to come. You will see more Chris Crafts at this Rendezvous than anywhere else in the world. Variety is one of the things that make this a great event, as we have boats representing many different years, models, sizes, and hull materials. Please go to our past event photos and take a look.

Q: More Chris Crafts at this event then anywhere else in the world? Really?

A: If you know of a bigger assembly of Chris Crafts, let us know, because we have not found it. For whatever reason, there are a great many Chris Crafts in the Salish Seaarea (that’s the first opportunity I have had to type that new name.). Although the Rendezvous is typically attended by around 80 boats, that is only a small part of the local population.

Q: Why Port Orchard?

A: Tradition is important to a group of people who own Chris Crafts. The event happened to start there and Port Orchard has been very supportive of the event over all these years. Frankly it is also one of the few places that can handle an event this large.

Q: Is there a launch ramp that is close to the event for those who may be trailering a boat to the event?

A: Yes, there is a launch ramp facility within walking distance from the main marina. While they do not have a wash facility to rinse off your boat, there is a car wash that is close by for those who need it.

Q. Can people who do not arrive by boat or who do not own a Chris Craft attend?

A: Yes, this is an open event, and better than that, it’s free to the public. Please feel free to walk the dock and view these loved Chris Crafts. You will find owners quite willing to talk about their boats and to share their stories with you.

Q: I would like to fly in from out of state to attend the event. What is the closest airport?

A: SeaTac (SEA) is the closest large commercial airport. In our resources section, we have links for public transportation that can help you to navigate your way to our event. We recommend that you make room reservations early if you require a hotel. There is also a small airport located on Hwy 3 in Bremerton for those who come by private plane. There is great public transportation that can be used to fly into King County and travel to Kitsap County.